About Us

mollys_ann_margFor those of you who are new to us and our wonderful line of handmade soaps and bath and body products, Molly’s Apothecary is run by two sisters, Ann (right) and Margaret (left) in Medway, MA. Our products at Molly’s Apothecary are made using only the finest, freshest oils and butters, fabulous additives, essential oils and cosmetic-grade fragrance oils.

We are always trying new formulations and are constantly adding to our product lines, so please check back often. We strive to bring exciting products and scents to pamper and soothe and put a little fun back into taking good care of your skin. Feel free to visit us online, or drop by Molly’s Apothecary.

We love to meet new people, make new friends and help you find the products that are just right for you!