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It’s a girl! Baby Shower Favor

Look at what we were up to today! We are now making this special soap for either baby showers, or even just an every bar of soap for girls to use. If you are interested in placing an order in bulk, please call us for a price today! Please keep in mind that our shop… Read more »

Welcome back!

As you can see, we are making a real effort, to update our website and our blog. Hopefully, this will keep everyone updated on our newest products, focus on important product and ingredient information and just in general, what is happening at Molly’s! Stay tuned!

Soap Frosting

This luxurious whipped cream soap, is great for shaving or anytime you want a nice creamy lather. Just put a small amount onto a face cloth or a poof, and lather away! Amazing product – order now! Order Soap Frosting Here!