Fragrance Descriptions

Scent has the amazing ability to take us back in time or evoke a particular emotion. Here is a list of the fragrances that we offer with some insight into what they may remind you of:

American Dream: Light vanilla cream.
Aria: An upscale floral fragrance, with notes of Cedar, Musk and Sandalwood!
Beach: Exactly as it sounds. Beach towels, sun, sand, the ocean and sun tan lotion, rolled into one fragrance!
Black Pepper: Spicy and mysterious! Great for men and women.

Blood Orange Patchouli: Sweet and tart Blood Orange essential oil, combined with earthy Patchouli. The best of both worlds.
Blue Agave: Sugary spice, fruit and sea salt!
Blue Bonnet Vanilla: Straight up vanilla ice cream!
Blue Sugar: Caramel and licorice, with musk and vanilla. Lovely.
Caribbean Escape: Melon, raspberries with a hint of lemon, topped off with creamy coconut!
Cedar and Saffron: Fragrant cedar, infused with smokey notes of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver, topped with eastern spices.
Citrus Calendula: Sunny, clean and citrusy, like a sunny day!
Clean Cotton: A light, clean, linen scent.
Coconut Lemongrass: The sharp lemony scent, softened with a creamy coconut! Tropical!
Coconut Lime Verbena: Hints of coconut and lime, blended with verbena. Great summer scent.
Cranberry Chutney: Tart, but sweet cranberry, with a hint of spice.
Creamy Coconut: Just plain, rich and creamy coconut, without the fruit notes!
Cucumber Splash: Clean, green, refreshing!
Et Une Rose: A soft rose, with vanilla, amber and musk. Very sophisticated!
Ginger: Spicy, with hints of mimosa, rose. Lovely and soft.
Green Clover and Aloe: The perfect green unisex scent.
Hawaiian Ginger: The fragrant white flowers of Hawaii, with a little hint of spice!
Honey Rose: Another soft rose, rounded out with the subtle warmth of honey.
Honey Spa Ginger: Hard to describe! Clean, but sexy! A fave with men and women.
Lavender (essential oils): Soft, plain lavender.
Lavender Vanilla: Truly a favorite. Lavender with soft vanilla.
Lemon Lavender (essential oils): Our number one bestseller, a lovely blend. Refreshing and relaxing all at once.
Lovespell: A refreshing grapefruit, peaches and berry scent with an undertone of white musk.
Lemon Meringue: Lemon with creamy vanilla. Yum!
Lemon Verbena: Very lemony!
Mango: The name says it all! Like biting into a fresh mango!
Mango Tea: Fruity, with lovely tea notes! Another summer fave!
Marshmallow Fluff: You may be tempted to taste this. Don’t. It is lotion that smells just like that famous spread!
Mayan Gold: Rich, warm, Amber, with spices and smokey notes.
Night Blooming Jasmine: A lovely light floral!
Oatmeal, Milk and Honey: Such a wonderful, comfort fragrance. Warm oats, rich milk, sweet honey make up this lovely aroma.
Pink Jasmine: A sweet, light, fresh floral. Great summer scent.
Pink Sands: Our newest favorite. The beach, watermelon, with a hint of something floral!
Pink Sugar: What can I say? Adult cotton candy!
Patchouli (essential oils): For the hippy in all of us. Straight up earthy, sexy patchouli.
Pomegranate and Black Currant: A delicious fruity, fun fragrance.
Rainbow Sherbet: A fave with the kids and adults alike. Sweet, fruity and refreshing!
Raspberry Almond: Such an amazing blend. Sweet black raspberry, with the comforting scent of almond. Intoxicating!
Raspberry Lemonade: Think of a cold glass of Raspberry Lemonade on a hot summer day. Smells just like that tastes!
Rose Garden: A true, sweet tea rose.
Rosemary Mint: Rosemary essential oil blended with sweet Spearmint essential oil. Exhilarating!
Sea Island Cotton: Clean, breezy linens on the line!
Sex Bomb: Not for the kids! This delightful jasmine based scent makes you feel like a sex bomb!
Summer Pudding: Fruity and fun! Berries and vanilla!
Sunkissed Currants: Sun-ripened currants, with creamy undertones.
Sweet as Honey: A lovely, light toffee scent, sure to please everyone.
Tea Tree (essential oils): Tea tree smells like the strong medicine it is!
Tobacco and Bay Leaf:/strong Smokey and mysterious, masculine and deep.


True Lilac: This lovely floral smells just like the lilac blossoms in the Spring!
Ume Blossom: Plum Blossom, pear and apricot, combined with spring air!
Wild Honeysuckle: This is the most complex floral I have ever smelled. Floral, but with a lovely green dry down that is not overpowering.
Ylang Ylang and Ginger: Floral and spicy! A very sneaky scent.