Parties, Workshops and Cold Process Soap Making Classes

We host hands-on workshops and parties at Molly’s Apothecary. If you are looking for something new to do, why not try one of our interactive workshops? Learn a new skill and take home a handcrafted item to show off your hard work. We have hosted bachelorette parties, team-building sessions, girl scout troops and more, this can be a great way to try something different. Space is limited and a non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place.

We are  located in the Medway Mill, 163 Main St, Suite 5, Medway, MA 02053. Our entrance and parking area is in the rear of the mill.

Kids Birthday Party info:

Our parties are scheduled mainly on Saturdays and generally last about 1 ½ to 2 hours, depending upon which projects we make, how many kids, and whether you choose to do cake and gifts here at the shop. We offer parties for kids 6+. We do book a full two hours for your party. Some groups need extra time, in cases of large amounts of guests, wanting to do pizza, cake and opening gifts. We will assess your time needs when we book. If extra time is needed and our schedule allows, up to 30 extra minutes may be available for an additional fee of $25. We ask for a minimum of 6 kids and have a maximum of 20 kids per party. The fee is $35 per child (making 3 projects) or $40 per child (making 4 projects). We will accept smaller groups, however our minimum fee is $200. Gratuities are always welcome! Please do not ask us to “discount” our services! We work very hard at making our parties as affordable as possible. If cost is an issue, we recommend perhaps a smaller, more intimate party. We realize that the younger children have a shorter attention span and usually need to invite the whole class, or larger numbers. In that case, we will offer a two project party, for $30 per child, for 90 minutes. This option is available for kids up 5 -6.


Since we usually schedule at least two parties per day, your party will commence about 5 minutes after your scheduled time. If late comers arrive, we will try to accommodate them as much as possible, but we cannot hold up the entire party for them.

We are now scheduling parties in our new class/party room. We have plenty of room for the kids, our hostesses and helpers, and the parents of the birthday child. Other parents cannot congregate in the party room! This is for your child’s safety and our own. When the adults are chatting, the kids are distracted and cannot hear our instructions. Also, we are carrying around hot soap, etc and cannot risk a spill by bumping into a well meaning parent. Rest assured, we have been doing parties for many years and we are quite experienced! So please, parents of guests, please drop your child off. Feel free to browse in Molly’s retail shop, or just lounge on the comfy couches in the hallway. Keep in mind, that we book 2 hours for your party, allowing 90 minutes for the projects and 30 minutes for refreshments. However, if you choose three projects that don’t take up the entire allotted time, you may be left with bored children waiting for pick up. Please consult us about the projects to make the best of your time here.

Ann, the owner of the shop, is the lead party hostess and is generally assisted by Karen, Sue and Amanda, (the adult party hostesses) plus a group of well-trained high school hostesses. We ask for a general idea of how many kids will be invited, so that we can bring in the right amount of help to make sure your kids are well taken care of.  The hostesses will be available for the project making part of the party. However, if you have a large group and require assistance, just let us know and one of the hostesses will help you serve cake, pizza, etc. If you don’t need help, the hostesses will remain in earshot, affording you the privacy with your family and guests, but aware if you need assistance.

We recommend that the children wear old clothes since we do work with colorants. Aprons are provided, but sometimes the kids do get color on them. It generally washes out, but better not to wear your “Sunday best”!


The projects have the times it takes to complete them listed. Keep in mind, that this can vary due to group size, age of kids, etc.

The birthday child gets to select 3 from the following list of project ideas:

Melt & Pour Soap. This is a vegetable glycerine soap base that we melt, scent, color and mold. We have hundreds of molds to choose from, and Ann is always coming up with a new, cool soap project. We only use high-quality, cosmetic-grade fragrance oils in our project and we have plenty to choose from. This project usually takes about 30 minutes. Ages 7+

Foaming Bath Salts. A fun project that the kids get to scent, color and even add a little glitter to customize their own bubble bath treat. This project usually takes about 30 minutes. Ages 6+

Make Your Own Sugar Scrub Ice Cream Sundae.  The kids get to make their very own whipped sugar body scrub that is scooped into sundae cups and and topped with sprinkles, soap cherry, soap gummy bears, and even soap hot fudge and whipped cream!  The kids have a blast whipping up a moisturizing, exfoliating treat that looks good enough to eat!

This project usually takes about 30 minutes. Ages 6+

Perfume Spray/Botanical Roll-on  The kids get to select from several different fragrance oils in order to create their very own signature scent. This project usually takes about 15  minutes. Ages 6+

Body Parfait.  The kids will create their own layered body cream from scratch. They will then add scent, color and layer it with aloe gel for a beautiful and yummy body treat! This project usually takes about 30 minutes. Ages 7+

Hand and Body Lotion.  This fun project allows the kids to make their own hand and body lotion from scratch.They will be able to add scent, color and glitter to create a custom blend  just the way they like it! This project usually takes about 30-45 minutes. Ages 6+

Bubble Bath Cupcakes. Using a special “dough”, the kids create a tub treat that smells good, and makes mounds of bubbles. Our bubble bath cupcakes are large enough to last for about 3 uses. This project usually takes about 30 minutes. Ages 6+

Glitter Shower Gel.  With this project, the kids will add scent, color and glitter to a shower gel base. Who doesn’t love glitter! This is usually a 20 minute project. Ages 6+

Lava Lip Glosses.  Remember those retro lava lamps? Well these tasty lip glosses are as much fun to make as they are to use! The kids will add color and flavor to a glycerine and castor oil base to make their very own lava lip gloss. This is a 15 minute project. Ages 6+

Smelly Jellies! This is a fun, safe air room freshener project that is a great alternative to a candle. Kids can customize with color and scent. Comes in a lovely decorative jar.

This is a 20 minute project. Ages 6+

Projects for older children(12 and up).

Make your own Mineral Makeup eyeshadow projects. Choose and blend two mineral eyeshadows! This project is 30-45 minutes. Ages 12+

Make your own nail polish. Just as the name implies. Use glitters and micas to make your own Nail Polish. Our base is Formaldahyde and Toluene free. This project does have a “nail polish” odor, so if anyone is sensitive, this may not be the project for you. Ages 12+

Lip Scrub. Make a yummy lip scrub. Ages 10+. This project takes about 20 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the products we make are natural, safe and generally hypoallergenic. However, if any parent has any concerns about specific allergies or ingredients, they can feel free to call Ann at 508-533-3800 or email at Please ask the guests’ parents to voice their concerns BEFORE the day of the party. It is sometimes difficult to impossible to make last minute changes.

  • We ask that you provide us with your final project choices as soon as you have chosen. Sometimes, we need to make sure we have all of the supplies ordered in for your particular projects. We will need a final head count with a list of guests’ names 72 hours ahead of the party, so that we may prepare and make individualized labels for the products.
  • The kids get to take the products they make, so this eliminates the need for goody bags!
  • You may do snacks, pizza, and/or cake here as well if you wish. We provide tablecloths, but you will need to bring plates, cutlery, etc for food served.
  • If you wish to serve pizza, we recommend Papa Gino’s, 508-533-4301 or Supreme Pizza, 508-533-7723, both right here in Medway and they deliver!
  • If you have any questions or would like to book a party, please call us at 508-533-3800, or email
  • Hope to see you soon!

Ladies Night Out info:

Thank you for inquiring about a Ladies Night Out. We book these in the evening, Wednesday through Friday, when available.

We require a minimum of 6 people and the cost is $50 per person for option #1 and $55 per person for option #2. Feel free to bring snacks and beverages. Please note that wine is allowed if every member of the party is over 21. Gratuities for our hard working assistants are always welcome.

We usually book about 2 1/2 hours total for the parties. During this time, we will make some delightful goodies, such as body creams or lotions, sugar scrubs, glycerine soaps, bath salts, using  organic and natural ingredients, essential and fragrance oils and botanicals.

Option #1 is a Glycerine soap, Hand and Body Lotion, Foaming Bath Salts and Whipped Body Sugar scrub.

Option #2 is a Body Parfait, Foaming Bath salts, Facial Moisturizer and Sugar scrub.

Feel free to add on any of these projects, ala carte, to either option, for an additional $7 per person.

Any project in either package.

Mineral Make up Eye Shadow

Facial Cleanser

Everyone leaves with a terrific goody bag filled to the brim with full size products and learn quite a bit about natural skincare.  All of our products are considered hypoallergenic and wonderful for the most sensitive of skins, but if anyone in the group has any particular allergy concerns, please feel free to contact me. We do ask for the final head count two days before the party and we do set up in advance, so this is what the final tally will be.

If you feel that we did a great job, gratuities are gratefully accepted.

If you would like to book a time, please call 508-533-3800, or email us at

During school vacations and breaks, we host additional workshops that cater to the younger crowd (or young-at-heart), allowing them to prepare unique gifts for the holiday season.


Soap Making Classes and Workshops;

Beginner Cold Process Soapmaking Classes.

This class is geared towards someone who has never made soap before.


We typically hold our Beginner Adult Cold Process Soap Making Classes once a month.

These classes are usually 3 hrs long. This consists of a lecture, demo and hands on portion. Each student makes his/her own log of cold processed soap, using organic ingredients, essential oils and perfume grade fragrances.

This log yields each student 14-15 bars of soap, for a retail value of $90.

The classes are taught by Ann Fisher, owner of Molly’s Apothecary and a soap maker for 20 years. Ann is assisted by Ann Rein, a soapmaker with 7 years experience.

All materials, workbook and supplies are included, and the classes are $85 per person.

We do provide aprons, but don’t wear good clothing as we can get messy.

This is an adult CP soap class, so it is available to age 18 over, but 15+ accompanied by a parent.


We offer soapmaking workshops to those of you who have already taken the adult class and are available by appointment.


We do offer an advanced class, for those who have taken the beginner’s class and have been making soap at home.

This class is $200 per person, we learn 5 color techniques and is available by appointment.


Please call 508-533-3800 or email for a schedule.

If you have any questions, or are interested in booking a party, please contact