Poison Ivy Soap 4 Oz

Price $7.00
Our Poison Ivy soap is a little different from everyone else. You will hear Jewelweed soap used for poison Ivy relief. Jewelweed is great for Poison Ivy sufferers. However, Jewelweed must be used fresh, right from the plant to be effective. We use Sweet Fern. Sweet Fern is a plant native to New England, often found in abundance in Maine. Sweet Fern is an old Native American Poison Ivy remedy. We use a Sweet Fern decocotion, and add oatmeal for soothing, Calamine powder for itching and Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils. People swear by this soap. We hope you don’t get Poison Ivy, but if you do, we have this soap and other products to help.
Price: $7.00