Medway Food Pantry School Supplies


Donation for school supplies to benefit the Medway Village Church Food Pantry! 

Now through August 5, Molly’s will be collecting new school supplies! The supplies will be distributed by the Medway Village Church Food Pantry along with new backpacks! Last year, the Food Pantry gave out 50 backpacks and supplies and this year they expect the need to be greater.

Each person who donates will be entered into a giveaway! Each person can only enter once regardless of quantity donated. One person at random will be chosen on August 9th and receive a $50 Molly’s gift basket!

Participating in these events and giving back to the community is a privilege and we are very grateful that we are in a position to do so! We thank all our amazing customers who always step up!

Target and Walmart are having crazy sales right now on back to school supplies. I purchased all of the these items at Target this week in the Back to School section.

Items needed include:
✏️ #2 Pencils
✏️ Erasers
✏️ Kids’ Scissors
✏️ Wide Ruled 1 Subject Notebooks (primary colors)
✏️ Glue Sticks
✏️ Crayola 24 Pack Crayons
✏️ 12” Rulers
✏️ Highlighters
✏️ Crayola Colored Pencils
✏️ Crayola Markers
✏️ Folders
✏️ Packages of Lined Notebook Paper (filler paper)
✏️ Index Cards
✏️ Pencil Cases
✏️ Pencil Sharpeners
✏️ 1” Binders (primary colors)


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